Wednesday, February 20, 2019

We live in times of change, with most human beings becoming city dwellers very quickly. The complexity of managing the infrastructure and services with cities expansion growing exponentially as well. Cities have many challenges to overcome with rapid population growth, but it is this influx that also makes cities dense with creative innovation finding solutions together and growing economic development.

As cities become more connected as we as humans do, transformation is speeding up and we are finally seeing solutions coming forward for the world’s most pressing problems from local organizations, directly from citizens.

With each passing year at SCEWC we have become acutely aware of the need to accelerate sustainable urban development, technology and citizen engagement for prosperity and quality of life for all. We have seen the development of the concept of a smart city grow from being technology and privately driven, to city-driven and finally to being citizen a collaboration between all stakeholders.

We are seeing how action can be taken for extremely multifaceted problems such as climate change and migration at the local level and with the will power of engaged citizens.  Solutions no longer are decided only from the top-down. Now that we have more capacity through connectivity, information can be crowdsourced from citizens, giving a truer picture of reality. We are working on frameworks for development and design thinking. A potential to change the world for the better at a faster rate than ever before.

To reach smart city capacity is now not only a desirable outcome for every city and community, it is a necessity. We need cities to be more resilient, more humane, giving more opportunities to people.

We see all the efforts that are being made worldwide, and we can’t help but want to share them so anyone can learn from them. Our aim is to create a repertory of articles that will grow overtime, voicing the opinions of urban thought leaders and discovering together how we can make cities more sustainable and inclusive.

Smart City Expo World Congress is known for the World Smart City Awards, praised for our selection of the most innovative cities, projects and solutions. Now we want to contribute even more with this online blog and sharing them with our community.

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