Wednesday, November 21, 2018
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A new wave of manufacturing called the makers’ movement is coming on the scene. This technology enables manufacturing with skills that can easily be shared in a small community. “A cohesive society is one where people are protected against life...
In a sense, building a circular city, that is, using resources more effectively to empower the entire provider­-producer loop, and thereby, the whole system itself, is the foundation of any smart city. Thinking in terms of nature, a sustainable...
Everything taken into consideration, private ownership of cars has more hidden costs than benefits, are there any alternatives to owning a car? Driving your car is a waste of resources and will make you ill. Cars are idle 95% of...
The Internet has sped up humanity’s development to levels unthought of, but what if we could speed it up even more? Today’s technology relies heavily on connectivity, but infrastructure limitations are also limiting the speed of our development. Because...
In a time of austerity with extreme measures and budget cuts, we would imagine that the last thing we want to do is spend more on technological investments with dubious outcomes. The past has showed us that technology becomes...

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