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Statement of Responsibility

Opinions, contents and material provided by Users of this Blog will be circumscribed to the Smart Cities topics, cities, urban innovation.

  • Blog users must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Users authorize FIRA DE BARCELONA the publishing of any information they voluntarily provide the Blog, safeguarding their intellectual property rights. It is the Users responsibility to have obtained the necessary authorizations to publish third parties materials and contents in this Blog, leaving FIRA DE BARCELONA completely excluded from any responsibility derived by their publishing.
  • FIRA DE BARCELONA reserves the right to decide which material and/or content provided by Blog Users will be published, attending to choices of interest or as best suited to the Blog’s covered themes, without any claim by the Users to this regards.
  • FIRA DE BARCELONA is exonerated from any responsibility derived by the freely expressed opinions of its Users through this Blog.
  • Users and FIRA DE BARCELONA convine to respect each others good name, and in consequence not to act or declare against each other in any way that could harm the image and the good name of the other party, safeguarding freedom of speech in all cases.